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 1.0 Login and Browse

Tutorial 1.0 - Ordering Help

1.1 - Login (top right hand corner): Enter Account ID and Password.

1.2 - Once logged in you will be redirected straight to the ‘Products Page’. Welcome to the main product navigation page of Cloud Assist. On this page you will find: groups, sub-groups and products to order.

1.3 - The tabs below the home button sorts products into groups. Click on the group you’re interested in.

1.4 - A main group consists of sub-groups, also known as categories.

1.5 - Clicking into a sub-group will bring you to an overview of that sub-group's product details and prices. Have a look around and get familiar with how each group and sub-group is set out.

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Tutorial Quick Links

1.0 - Ordering Help
2.0 - Ordering Stage
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4.0 - Payment Stage