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 2.0 - Ordering Stage

Tutorial 2.0 - Ordering Stage

2.1 - Once you find a product you like click the 'Order Now' button. This will add the item to your temporary shopping cart (on the right) until you're ready to check out.

2.2 - If you have added an item that you don't want to your shopping cart, don't stress. It can be removed from the main check out window shortly.

2.3 - Once you have finished browsing, click 'Check Out' on your shopping cart. This will add the items from your shopping cart to your shopping list. You will then be redirected to the main check out page where you will confirm your order.

2.4 - Click the arrow on the corner of each item to drop down the items information.

NOTE: To remove an item from your order, simply click the red cross.

2.5 - Fill in the required information:

  • Delivery Date
  • Personal Reference (for you)
  • Product Reference

There is also an option to upload a PDF sample with your job.This will help us to get your job specifications spot-on.

Once completed, click 'Submit' in the bottom right hand corner to continue.

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